MONA Treasury Update

From Donna Peters, MONA Treasurer

Hi, Neighbors. I’m Donna Peters, MONA’s treasurer since the formation of the association. The years have flown by! I’m here to give you a snapshot of MONA’s current finances … and a little history, for perspective and possibly inspiration for what’s next.

We currently have just under $2,000 in the bank, which has been a typical balance for a number of years. Recently, we have brought in around $500 a year from dues, donations, garden plot rentals, and advertising fees, and we have likewise spent around $500 a year on our PO BOX, office supplies, events like our Fall Festival, Community Garden expenses, and occasional sponsorships of events like Taste of the World. So, we’re just truckin’ along these days spending what we bring in, with a little nest egg carrying forward.

In contrast, MONA’s 1st decade was marked by lots of intense activity, advocating and planning for infrastructure improvements. Much was accomplished, including new storm drains; curbs; sidewalks; landscaping; street lights; hardscapes on Central; a funded plan for a neighborhood park at Merry Oaks Elementary (which was derailed when our beautiful new school was built on the site instead); the bridge remodel over Briarcreek on Central; our greenway; and so much more. Because so many neighbors were involved in the process, we often brought in double or triple the yearly income we see now. Consequently, we were also able to spend money on special projects like our neighborhood signs and website design.

Neighbors, in Merry Oaks, the future is whatever we want it to be. Send in your dues each year (pick a month that works for you) so we can continue our current activities, and, if you want, get inspired for a new era of improvements the neighborhood can rally around once again.